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Tips on how to pass

We can help you become a safe and confident driver again. the driving test is straightforward. Just drive safely and confident Try to relax and drive as you’ve been driving during your lessons Don’t worry if you make a mistake, keep calm and concentrate for the rest of the test ​Stay alert and concentrate, avoid causing others to take avoiding action Show courtesy and consideration at all times.

Good anticipation and planning is needed Take care in the use of all controls to reduce mechanical wear and tear ​Show awareness of stopping distances, speed limits and safety margins in all conditions Take correct action concerning pedestrians and other vulnerable road users Deal with other types of vehicles in the correct manner Obey all road markings, traffic signs, traffic lights etc ...​ Use your MSM and PSL routines at all times when dealing with Junctions and What Is Hazards ?

It's important to learn how to recognize and avoid hazards while driving to improve road safety for yourself and other road users ​If you see another vehicle stop or slow down near a pedestrian or children’s crossing, prepare to stop because pedestrians may be crossing ​When approaching a pedestrian crossing, you must drive at a speed at which you can safely stop at the crossing. ​

Parked car door opening / When driving a vehicle or riding a bicycle ​Vehicle merging into your lane or stopping suddenly in front of you ​Good co-ordination of hand and foot controls, good all round observation and reasonable accuracy when carrying out your maneuver’s ​Remember you have worked hard for this so you deserve to Pass! Good Luck! ​.

Top tips to pass your driving test first time Drive with confidence, concentrate whilst you show courtesy and consideration, but most of all remain calm and take care to only use the correct actions, remember all these great words beginning with C and you're well on the way to driving success. Obey the signs and rules of the road, and use all the great tips that you've learnt, and before you know it, you'll be celebrating your freedom.

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