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Pass Plus




We can help you become a safe and confident driver again.

Pass Plus is a government training scheme for new drivers. It's aim is to improve driving skills and make safer drivers. This pass plus can be only offered to drivers who've passed their practical test within twelve months of their practical test.

You must cover all the modules to complete the training :

Dual carriageways 
DrivingRural roads 
Complicated city situations 
All weather conditions 
Night driving


After completing the Pass Plus Course :
You will be given a form on completion by the instructor to send to the DSA who then supply pupils with the Pass Plus certificate. Insurance companies give you a discount on your insurance premium if you have completed a Pass Plus course.

The Cost of the Pass Plus is £180 for 6 Hours ( Manual )

The Cost of the Pass Plus is £180 for 6 Hours ( Automatic )

Several of the benefits from the course are:

Take a Pass Plus course and develop those essential road skills. Learn to negotiate dual carriageways and motorways, drive in all weather conditions; day and night. Most of all, master the rural and city streets, all this will make you a safe and confident driver that you want to be. 

Once you've passed your Pass Plus test, you will not only have gained confidence and the ability to deal with complex situations, but the DVSA certificate is your passport to reducing your car insurance. You can get cheap driving lessons with A.L.I Driving School Automatic and Manual Driving Lessons. You can block book also book pass plus. We have the most talented driving instrcutor. You can learn incredibly fast with us. You'll have a driving licence in no time





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