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how many lessons do i need ?



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As driving instructors one of the most common questions we get asked "How many driving lesson do I need ?". Some instructors forget what it is like to be really keen leaner wanting to pass as soon as possible, so some instructors come out with sarcastic answers. However here at A.L.I Driving School we don’t give any false or made up estimates how many lessons we believe you require. This is because A.L.I Driving School believes that not everybody is the same , therefore lessons can vary between 20 Hours to 45

Hours, its all depends on the person themselves.

Some are slow 
Some are less confident 
Some are really nervous



Some are Fast 
Some are more confident 
Some are less Nervous

At A.L.I Driving school , We believe its important to let the pupils know what there driving lesson is and what they need to do to get to test standard.




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