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Driving Routine





We can help you become a safe and confident driver again.

There are a few simple driving routines that once mastered will make you a confident driver and will help you pass your driving test with ease.

DSSSM – Cockpit DrillDSSSM or Cockpit Drill must be done every time you get in to the driver’s seat and before you start the engine. Even if it your own car.

POM - Prepare Observe MoveThis routine is used every time you pull away from a stopped position, this could be pulling away from the kerb, moving off at traffic lights, from stop signs, starting a manoeuvre, etc…

MSPSL and LADA - Mirror Signal Position Speed Look Assess Decide ActMSPSL should be used every time that you approach junctions, roundabouts or traffic lights.

SCALP - Safe Convenient And Legal PositionThe Safe Convenient And Legal Position (SCALP) routine is used when you intend to stop at the side of the road, it is important to show consideration to other road users for both their safety and yours.

MSPSL routine explainedTo keep yourself and others safe on the road you must make the MSM routine an integral part of your driving.

SPSL must be used each time you approach a junction to turn or emerge, on approach to roundabouts, traffic lights and other hazards.

Use in pairs ​if you are to move to the left, check centre mirror then left mirror 
​If you are to move to the right, check centre mirror then right mirror 
Look for motorcycles and cycles when turning at junctions 
​Check the speed and position of vehicles behind you and act sensibly upon what you see

Left or right, as appropriate, and in good time do not to confuse other road users or pedestrians by signaling too early or too late

PositionCorrectly and in good time -1m from kerb if left 
Position early so other road users know your intensions

Adjust speed as necessary 
​Select the correct gear as a general rule closed junctions usually require 1st gear – open junctions may be OK in 2nd.

Look early on approach 
Assess the situation 
Decide to wait or go 
Act upon your decision (must not cause vehicles to slow down, Swerve or Stop).

With practice MSPSL will become a natural part of your driving.


Best Driving Routine

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